Our Passion

A native Brazilian born in Rio de Janeiro, Livia moved to Salvador, Bahia, as a young child. The Sunday lunches at her grandfather’s house were quite a family gathering! She was then introduced to the exotic and delicious flavors of the regional cuisine of Bahia.

Bahia is the birthplace of Brazil, as well as many noted Brazilian artists, writers and musicians. Food from this region is heavily influenced by African cuisine. It is a mixture of salted meats, like linguiça, root vegetables as mandioca, palm oil (dendê) and tropical fruits. A well-known dish is the white fish stew, Moqueca.

We have taken our inspiration from these ingredients and many others to bring the cuisines of Brazil to you. Some of our favorites are Feijoada, Empadão de Frango, Chicken Strogonoff, Bife Acebolado, Pão-de-Queijo (cheese bread), Coxinha (chicken croquette) and Açaí.

We know you will enjoy them as much as we do!

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