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Brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-ro) is a decadent sweet. The basic ingredient is condensed milk. Some varieties contain chocolate while others include fruit purees and other ingredients.
My Sweet Bite's Brigadeiro contains only high-quality ingredients. Every batch is slowly cooked and gently rolled into it's unique shape. It is a delicate process that takes considerable patience to get just right. We also offer numerous Wheat free varieties as well.  

MEET LIVIA /Family Tradition  

Livia started baking from a very early age in her native Brazil. She always remembers asking her mom to make some special sweets and standing right next to her when she couldn't even reach the stove. Her family recipes have been passed down to her from Grandma Bertha's cookbook from the early 1900's. 
Later, she always made sure that a tray of Brigadeiro was served at her sons' birthday parties to the delight of both parents and kids.
Livia came to the US from Brazil to continue her career in international business. Following her passion for baking, she decided to open My Sweet Bites.   

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